What are the laws of Futsal?

You can download the Coaches Handbook on the players hub page here which details the key laws of futsal, including skills and drills for your school or club coaching sessions.

Registration for the Pokémon Youth Futsal Cup 2022/23 season is now open! To register interest for the 2022/23 season, please click on this link – https://www.englandfootball.com/play/youth-football/fa-pokemon-youth-cup.

England Football has partnered with Pokémon to deliver the Youth Futsal Cup competition for affiliated clubs. The competition starts with County FA organised qualifiers, then progresses to a regional tournament leading to the National Finals event.
Registration for the 2022/2023 season has officially opened and will close on November 1st 2022.
Get registering your club team now!
To find out more about the Futsal Cup, visit https://www.englandfootball.com/play/youth-football/fa-pokemon-youth-cup

To get involved in Futsal and find out the nearest Futsal club to you, please email your relevant County FA who would be more than happy to help start your Futsal journey. Click here to find the contact details for your County FA and discover the nearest Futsal club to you!

The Pokémon bundle contains a whole host of amazing Futsal related products. From Futsal balls, to Pokémon bibs, flat disc markers and Pokémon progress cards where you can track your Futsal skills.