Register your School or Youth Football Club for The FA Pokémon Youth Futsal Programme & be in with the chance to receive an exclusive Pokémon bundle pack.

The Pokémon bundle contains a whole host of amazing Futsal related products. From Futsal balls, to Pokémon bibs, flat disc markers and Pokémon progress cards where you can track your Futsal skills.

Futsal is now recognised not only as a development tool for football, but as a brilliant game in its own right.

Futsal has been embedded into the England DNA at the highest level. It promotes the key technical, tactical, physical and social attributes and skills that the FA would wish to see in young players.

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Entering your club or school in The FA Pokémon Youth Cup or The FA Pokémon Schools Cup will provide many benefits to your players:

  • Develop skills
  • Improve decision making
  • Learn to innovate on the pitch
  • Develop game strategies
  • Learn different tactics